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[One-Shot] Conscription

Title: Conscription
Pairing: YB/TOP
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,402
Summary: Night before Top goes to the army in the near-ish future
Author's Notes: This is on the basis of an established YB/Top relationship and Korean Military Service.
“Are you sure you want me to be doing this?”

“Don’t pretend you can’t, you know I’ve seen you do it to yourself plenty of times YoungBae”

“But, I’ve never done it to anyone else! What if I mess it up?”

“There’s no-way you could mess it up, just do it.”

YoungBae bit his lip and looked at the clippers in his hand. He flicked the switch on and the buzzing of the blades made his hand quiver a bit, or was that just nerves? He took the clippers and slowly began to buzz off SeungHyun’s hair, methodically and determinedly.

Here they were, him and SeungHyun, in the older man’s kitchen with newspapers spread on the floor under the kitchen chair where SeungHyun sat. All of them had known this day would come, all their lives in fact, but it was by the grace of their work and their success that it had been allowed to be postponed as long as it had. Tomorrow SeungHyun was going off to his military service. For one year and nine months he’ll be gone from Big Bang, gone from YG, gone from YoungBae. Well, he’d still be able to contact and have some days off, but for the first three months there could be none of that, except by letters.

It had been such a long time since they had last been parted for this long that was making YoungBae so anxious. He loved SeungHyun more than anything he could ever think of, so from when SeungHyun had discussed his enlistment with him months ago, YoungBae’s worries and fears have been piling up.

Instead of going out tonight with people and having a rowdy send off, SeungHyun had opted for a relaxed lunch and spending the afternoon with family and friends before going back to his home and spending the rest of his remaining time with his lover.

Even though he would be showing the world, via paparazzi, his military hair style the next morning, he gave in to his vanity and kept putting off getting sheared all day leaving the task to YoungBae.

YoungBae watched as the hair he clipped tumbled to the floor and down the sheet SeungHyun had draped around him. He finished in a few minutes and turned off the clippers. He then walked around SeungHyun with a scrutinizing eye making sure his work was none less than that of a professional before allowing the other man to get up and assist with the cleaning.

SeungHyun then walked towards the mirror on the wall in the living room and ran his hands over his now military standard buzz-cut . “Great job Bae, I knew you had it in you.” SeungHyun teased.

YoungBae rolled his eyes in the kitchen and grabbed the bottle of wine he brought from the counter as well as the cork screw before heading over to the sofa. He opened the bottle and waited for SeungHyun to sit next to him and hand him the glasses before pouring it out.
They spent the evening drinking the entire bottle and cuddling on the sofa together. YoungBae had SeungHyun’s head in his lap and was gently running his hands over the 15mm bristles that was now his lover’s hair. The feeling was hypnotic for both men and the dull roar of the television fell upon deaf ears. SeungHyun rolled over and grinned up at YoungBae who was staring back down at him with glazed eyes. He pretended to stretch up and cupped YoungBae’s neck from behind and pulled him down for a warm kiss. The younger man was startled out of his daze and happily complied pressing his lips back enthusiastically. The older man invited YoungBae to deepen the kiss by parting his lips and letting his tounge brush the other’s lips. YoungBae got the hint and allowed SeungHyun’s tongue entrance into his mouth. The kiss seemed to last ages, their tongues falling into a familiar rhythm. Always the cheeky one, SeungHyun nipped YoungBae’s tongue a bit too hard making him pull back and unconsciously pout.

“Let’s go to the bedroom.” SeungHyun growled persuasively sitting up and bringing his face next to YoungBae’s. Still the blushing bride, YoungBae’s cheeks flushed and he took his lovers hand and followed him to the bedroom.

His eyes were trained on SeungHyun’s back and suddenly the thought hit him again that he wouldn’t be able to see this or experience this for a long time to come. His expression fell stoic and his feet dragged along the floor causing SeungHyun to turn back at him. 

“Hey, hey don’t look like that.” Sighed SeungHyun. He tugged YoungBae’s arm and pulled him into a hug. “You knew this would happen one day. I am the oldest you know. You yourself are going to have to do it once I’m already there. It’ll all be fine Bae.”

YoungBae knew what he was saying was true. He had tried to comfort himself with it a thousand times, but his irrationalities just kept making him doubt what he knew to be the truth.

“I’m just scared.” YoungBae mumbled into SeungHyun’s chest. The feeling of his lover’s steady heart beat encasing him started to ebb the fears, but YoungBae knew that without him there it would be horribly lonely.

“I know, I am too. What if you meet someone cooler than me in the three months I can’t see you?” SeungHyun joked a little to lighten the feeling. 

YoungBae laughed a little and looked up at his lover. “Well, I do have some studio time scheduled with Kim Taewoo next week.”

“Ya! Don’t even joke Bae. I am the only one who can be your bear.” Cried SeungHyun indignantly.

YoungBae laughed harder, “What are you on about?”

“Grrrrr~ I’m gonna take you back to my cave. It’s mating season don’t ya know?” SeungHyun growled and in one fell swoop, scooped up YoungBae’s small frame into his arms and tossed him onto his bed. 

Before YoungBae could react properly, SeungHyun climbed on top of him, pinning down his arms. YoungBae knew if he wanted to he could easily over power his lover, but the dominant side of SeungHyun always brought out the creative side in himself as well. SeungHyun kissed YoungBae roughly and then began his assault on the tender flesh of his lover’s neck. YoungBae held back a moan as SeungHyun’s touch caressed all the right points. They knew eachother’s bodies as well as only lovers who have tried and tested could. Both knew the easiest ways to tease or instantly fire-up each other. One of SeungHyun’s hands released YoungBae’s and traveled up his shirt feeling the hard-earned muscles that lay underneath. They found this goal in YoungBae’s hardened nipple and tweaked it, causing its owner to arch his back in pleasure. As he let go to remove the smaller man’s shirt and immediately, YoungBae’s hands were all over his body. They too made quick work of SeungHyun’s shirt and hungrily clung to his shoulders.

SeungHyun’s mouth followed his hands and covered YoungBae’s left nipple. He swirled his tongue around it and suckled while his hand continued to tease the right one. SeungHyun lightly trailed his hand down YoungBae’s body until reaching his still clothed lower half. He cupped and squeezed the bulge that was pulsing underneath the fabric. The feeling was excellent to the smaller man who ground his pelvis into SeungHyun’s willing palm. The rapper kissed down his lover’s abs and then deftly undid the belt and buttons of YoungBae’s jeans. He was greeted by the tight fabric of YoungBae’s black Y-fronts holding back the delicious treat that was YoungBae’s aroused member.

SeungHyun licked up the covered package and placed a wet kiss on the hot, hidden tip. YoungBae let out a whimper and moved to press SeungHyun’s head closer and encourage the wetness to become more intimate. SeungHyun wasn’t going to go that easy on YoungBae though, and his rumbling voice cut through the heated atmosphere with his demands, “YoungBae-ah, show me how you’ll do this when I’m gone.”

YoungBae’s heated cheeks flushed further with recognition of what the older man had just asked him to do. He deeply and then wetted his lips before slowly letting his own hands feel his chest, exactly as SeungHyun’s had before him. SeungHyun sat back and watched as YoungBae’s hands slipped neatly under the waistband of his oh-so tight briefs and caressed the encased hardened length. He pulled the waistband down, allowing SeungHyun’s eyes to feast upon his arousal and watch as his hand gripped the shaft and slowly stroked up and down. With a dancer’s nimbleness, YoungBae managed to discard of his pants and underwear, all while keeping up the seductive pace of his hand. He encircled the swollen tip with his thumb and breathed deeply. His hips slowly beginning to rock with the motion his hand had started. 

SeungHyun could feel his mouth going dry and let his own hand reach down his pants and stroke his erection along with YoungBae. Then he watched as YoungBae took his free hand and inserted two fingers into his mouth, wetting them with saliva. He could feel his cock pounding as he watched YoungBae, as if in slow motion, spread his legs and insert the wetted digits while barely concealed ecstasy covered his face. YoungBae’s passage adjusted itself and he began to thrust into himself while increasing the pace of his other hand on his cock. He rocked his hips and managed to hit the sweet spot and feel a shudder of pleasure run through his body causing him to call out his lover’s name, “Ah- SeungHyun Hyung!”

SeungHyun couldn’t sit back and watch any longer, without even removing his pants fully, he grabbed a condom and lube quickly from the bedside table and prepared. YoungBae removed his fingers and accepted SeungHyun’s ravishing kiss as his lover slowly thrust his length into him letting his body fill up with warmth spreading out to his fingers and toes causing them to curl in delight. YoungBae’s inner heat always felt amazing to SeungHyun and as he paused for YoungBae’s body to adjust to him, he nipped the smaller man’s ear lobes and whispered his appreciations of the show, “You are the consummate performer Bae.”

He licked the shell of YoungBae’s ear and when his lover squeezed his bicepts, he knew it was the signal that he could move. The thrusts began slowly, but the pace increased and decreased in a manner designed to drive YoungBae towards the edge and reel him back again.
Sweat trickled down SeungHyun’s jawline and YoungBae lifted a hand to wipe it off. SeungHyun turned his head slightly and captured YoungBae’s thumb with his lips and sucked gently on it, rolling his tongue around the pad and following the circular motion with his hips gyrating to create a new sensation inside YoungBae and make his other hand’s fingernails dig into SeungHyun’s shoulder blades. 
One hand was holding SeungHyun above YoungBae and the other took his lover’s throbbing erection in hand. YoungBae could feel his climax approaching and cried out, “Faster Hyung! Please!” before sinking his teeth onto the sensitive flesh by SeungHyun’s collar bone.

SeungHyun needed no further urging and pounded into YoungBae, eliciting the magical sensation of the prostate leaving YoungBae teetering on the edge. YoungBae’s toes curled and his fingers pressed in just as hard as his teeth were and he came into SeungHyun’s hand. SeungHyun felt the orgasmic contractions of YoungBae’s passage and thrusted deeply riding their waves to his own orgasm. 

Once the two had nearly caught their breath, SeungHyun removed himself from YoungBae and planted a slopped kiss on his lips before rolling over and with minimal energy kicked off his pants and underwear. YoungBae’s hand reached out and clasped SeungHyun’s and the two drifted off.

In the morning, SeungHyun awoke and slid carefully out of bed, letting YoungBae sleep in, knowing that he had a full schedule in front of him and would be needing all the rest he could get. He grinned as he brushed his teeth and saw the already purpling teeth marks on his collar bone. He touched them lightly and made a silent wish that they would last as long as possible as a reminder during the first three months of tough training.

He put on his uniform and gathered his bags by the door. Before leaving, he placed a letter on the bedside table and gently shook YoungBae.

“YoungBae-ah, It’s time for me to go.” 

YoungBae’s eyes opened and he immediately sat up. “What! Already! Why didn’t you wake me!”

“Calm down Bae, you know you need the sleep; and you can’t come with me. But, I woke you up now to say goodbye.” SeungHyun said pressing his forehead to YoungBae’s.

YoungBae sighed heavily, he knew SeungHyun was right. 

“Hey there, keep your chin up while I’m gone. It’ll be a fast three months…for you anyways. And then the first place I’ll be going to when I get out will be to where ever you are, okay?” SeungHyun whispered.

“I love you.” YoungBae whispered back. He kissed SeungHyun gently and sadly. The older man kissed his hand and the silver band that was their secret couple ring. 

“I’ll be back before you know it and you won’t be able to get rid of me now matter how hard you try!” SeungHyun grinned and took YoungBae’s hand. They walked together to the doors of SeungHyun’s apartment. He grabbed his bag and put on his shoes. 

With one last kiss, SeungHyun exited, leaving YoungBae standing alone at the door.

YoungBae stared at the door long after SeungHyun had left. He heard a faint buzzing and walked into the kitchen to see his phone vibrating on the counter. He had a text.

“Look on the bedside table. SeungHyun <3”

YoungBae dropped the phone and ran back to the bedroom where he found the letter sitting exactly where SeungHyun had said. He opened it and read;

“Don’t worry Bae, you know I’ll always be coming home to you. I love you more than anything I could possibly think of, and don’t you forget it.
I love you.

Forever and Always,

p.s. once I get computer access, I fully expect a repeat performance of last night’s show in my inbox. Xxx”

YoungBae grinned and held back his tears. “You wish!”

The End

Thank you all for reading! >w< This is the first time I've felt inspired to write in a long time. I hope you all enjoyed it.
Tags: big bang, fan fiction, fanfiction
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