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[2/2] Risky Business

Title: Risky Business
Pairing: GDYB
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,505 (total: 2,759)
Summary: JiYong embraces his new concept and YoungBae
Author's Notes: I started this out as just a one-shot, but left it alone for a month or two and now it developed into something different than I expected. I may continue it in one or two follow ups if it goes down well. :) This is the continuation of the first part since it went down well! lol

Part 1

Back in his room, JiYong buried his face in his pillow and screamed into it. The scream settled down into sobs as his tears started to flow and he flipped onto his back to stare at the ceiling re-viewing what had just happened and incapable of erasing YoungBae’s final expression of confusion and disbelief. He covered his eyes with his hands, but the ghostly image still burned in his retinas and he saw the bite mark YoungBae had left on his hand.

He had bitten down hard enough that JiYong knew he would have a bruise lingering there for a week or so to remind him of his mistake. Worse than that, if YoungBae saw it it would remind him. JiYong grabbed another pillow and screamed out his frustration again. If only he had just contented himself to a hug…If only he had not hugged him to begin with…If only YoungBae hadn’t turned his irresistible back to him…If only he could control himself…

These thoughts spun and swirled around JiYong’s head and stayed with him as he fell into a restless tormented sleep filled with dreams of YoungBae’s betraying expression.

The next morning, JiYong got up and slipped out of the hostel as quietly as possible to go fulfill his solo promotions. The manager sighed at his haggard face and knew it would be a long day for the both of them.

YoungBae too, had gotten up early, but when he saw JiYong leaving he hid himself behind his door and just watched through the crack with his heart beating furiously in his throat. He felt ridiculous hiding from his best friend like this, but he just didn’t know what to do! He was so embarrassed. Embarrassed he was hiding like a fool, embarrassed that he couldn’t say anything last night, embarrassed that he let himself get carried away. YoungBae was sure JiYong had just meant to play a little joke on him last night but he forced it further than expected and caused problems for his leader.

YoungBae got hurriedly dressed and quickly made his way to the one place he knew could clear his mind, the YG Gym. Once he was on a treadmill running at a brisk pace, he finally started to feel relaxed. The steady rhythm of his footsteps gave him something to focus on as he mentally went over the new dance steps that he was learning for his own upcoming solo project. But after an hour or so, as his mind went blank, the rhythm of his footsteps soon reminded him of the rhythm of JiYong’s hand on his erection the night before causing YoungBae get startled and trip slightly. He shook his head violently and after checking the time, decided to go shower before heading to the recording studio.

The gym’s bathrooms were empty since it was still quite early in the morning, but YoungBae was relieved—he really just wanted to be alone right now. He turned the knob and stepped into the warm water that immediately began pouring out of the showerhead. Once again though, as he relaxed and let his mind zone out, the ghostly sensations of the night’s previous activities ran through his body.

This time though, YoungBae let his hands retrace the rapper’s movements, caressing his abs and pecs with the soap. He then allowed his hand to travel down to his engorged cock and mimic the cupping and jerking that his best friend had done to make his body writhe in pleasure.

While it felt good, it just didn’t feel as amazing or sensual as when it had been JiYong’s slender fingers were wrapped around his erection. He imagined JiYong’s breath tickling his ear and his hips and the confined heat of his untouched penis grinding against him and soon quickly brought himself to climax. He panted and turned the knob to make icy water fall down on him. He thought again of JiYong’s neglected erection and everything became much clearer to him; he needed to make an apology of the most intimate kind.


After completing his schedule for the day, including a late night radio interview, YoungBae entered the Big Bang hostel hoping that he could get JiYong alone to apologize for his mistakes. Knowing that the leader, if not in the living room critiquing his latest performance footage, was normally to be found stalking the fan cafes in his room, he gingerly knocked on the closed door.

There was no answer.

“Ji?” YoungBae called leaning against the door to hear if JiYong was moving. He didn’t hear anything, so he decided to go in, it was possible that he had his headphones on or something.

Upon opening the door, YoungBae saw the glow of JiYong’s alarm clock casting a pale blue light across the bed where the other man lay, apparently asleep. YoungBae felt the corners of his mouth tweak slightly at the image, JiYong sprawled on his bed wrapped only in a tangeled sheet around the waist. Knowing all too well how exhausting solo promotions could be, YoungBae didn’t want to wake him up, but still went closer and brushed the platinum blonde hair from JiYong’s face and kissed his forehead. He turned to leave, but was stopped by a hand grabbing onto his wrist. Turning back around, he saw JiYong sitting up slightly, his eyes open and projecting what YoungBae now correctly read as deep, painful love.

YoungBae dove on top of JiYong and captured his lips knowing that if he didn’t do it now, he would regret it. JiYong responded hungrily and tangled his hands in YoungBae’s hair holding him as to not let him escape. Their tongues fought and writhed in a desperate frenzy until the two couldn’t breathe and separated panting.

YoungBae rested his forehead on JiYong’s and JiYong’s hands still cupped his face, the thumbs slowly tracing the curve of his ears.

“I’m sorry.” YoungBae whispered.

“It’s okay…I should know better than to just pounce on unsuspecting virgins who happen to be my best friends.” JiYong replied self-deprecatingly.

“That’s not—no… I’m sorry I didn’t realize sooner what you mean to me.” YoungBae said and kissed JiYong lightly. He then kissed his forehead and both eyelids till leaving trails of butterfly kisses down his body. Arriving at JiYong’s hips, YoungBae felt the heat of his engorged member through the singular sheet of fabric that covered him. Throwing the sheet on the floor, YoungBae eagerly kissed the tip of the hardened cock before him to a sigh from JiYong. His tongue flicked out tentatively and then again. He left a wet trail from base to tip before taking as much of it into his mouth as he could and clasping the rest in his hand. YoungBae sucked and swirled his tongue around the head of JiYong’s cock as he bobbed up and down with his hand matching the pace. JiYong’s hand pressed on the back of YoungBae’s head and YoungBae obliged by taking almost the entirety of JiYong’s cock.

Before he could climax, JiYong sat up and pulled YoungBae towards him quickly removing all of the obstructing clothing. Their lips met once again in a heated kiss and JiYong took both of their erections into his hand and thrust against YoungBae giving them shudders of friction induced ecstasy. JiYong then stuck his fingers into YoungBae’s mouth and had him slick them before reaching around to YoungBae’s virgin passage and gently inserting one finger and then another, preparing him and stretching him out.

Their eyes locked and they shared a moment of permission and love wordlessly. YoungBae straddled JiYong’s waist and their chests were pressed together in synchronized breathing. JiYong kissed YoungBae hard and slowly helped him sink inch by inch onto his throbbing erection. Squeezed by YoungBae’s tight heat, JiYong let out moan of intense pleasure. YoungBae was panting and letting his body get used to JiYong inside him. Slowly he gyrated his hips and JiYong brushed the sweet spot inside him making him cling to his lover and cry out.

As a pair, they began thrusting in a rhythm that just came naturally. Their hands roamed each other’s bodies caressing and groping feverishly in their passionate embrace. Repeatedly JiYong hit YoungBae’s sweetspot pushing him closer and closer to the edge. Finally he exploded in a climax that’s convulsions sent JiYong over the edge with him.

They lay curled up together basking in the post-coital afterglow, when JiYong said “I really like this concept”

“Yeah?” YoungBae said blearily, not getting the connection.

“Mysterious risk taker. Without it, I doubt I’d’ve ever assaulted you like that.” JiYong said jokingly.

“Mmm…” YoungBae said and reached up to fiddle with JiYong’s hair, “I guess I like it too then. Just don’t ever get a perm again.”

“What!” JiYong teased, “I thought you said the perm was cool! It made me look daring.”

“More like deranged.” YoungBae teased back.

“Lies!” JiYong laughed and rolled on top of YoungBae kissing him. He was beaming, it was great to finally have his best friend as his lover.

~*~ The end! ~*~

Thank you all for the encouragement last time around! I hope this ending is to your liking. :)
Tags: fan fiction, gdyb
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