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[One-Shot?] Risky Business

Title: Risky Business
Pairing: GDYB
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1,253 (quite short ^^;;)
Summary: JiYong embraces his new concept and YoungBae
Author's Notes: I started this out as just a one-shot, but left it alone for a month or two and now id developed into something different than I expected. I may continue it in one or two follow ups if it goes down well. :)

The doorknob to the Big Bang hostel began to wiggle and a small woof was heard followed by a clatter of keys and muffled cursing. A little while later, a very tired JiYong stumbled into the apartment kicking off his bright blue sneakers while shoving his keys into a pocket with one hand and clutching Ga-Ho in the other. He set the puppy down and kissed his nose.

“Thanks for being such a good boy today Ga-Ho.” JiYong said ruffling the puppy’s ears. Ga-Ho yawned in response and trotted off to the dog bed in the corner of the living room where YoungBae’s dog Boss was already sleeping. JiYong began stripping off his extraneous clothing as he made his way to the kitchen; a hat thrown onto the sofa, draping his jacket on a lamp and filling a bowl on the counter with all his rings and necklaces.

He opened the refrigerator and grabbed a banana milk that he promptly popped open and chugged.

“You know chugging that isn’t very healthy.” A chuckling voice attempted to say in a scolding tone.

JiYong turned around, milk in hand to find YoungBae standing there--shower fresh-- with just a towel about his waist. The blonde boy took a last swallow and licked over his lips to catch any missed drops or accidental moustaches. His eyes danced over the vision in front of him; YoungBae just got more and more attractive every day.

“I deserved it. And it matches my concept.” JiYong retaliated playfully.

“Your concept?”

“Yes. Mysterious risk taker with platinum blonde hair. Duh. I’m risking the unhealthy bit and matching my color scheme with this milk.” He concluded absurdly.

YoungBae laughed and his eyes squinted in the charming way that JiYong loved. He turned to the kitchen table and started gathering up the plates and cups that were sitting there to put into the sink. His shoulder blades moved and his back muscles rippled in an unassuming way that drew JiYong to him.

JiYong couldn’t contain his desire to hold his friend any longer; what with working on his solo project he barely got to see his oldest friend and it was even harder when he secretly longed for the adorable singer. The smaller man was surprised as he felt the sudden light weight of JiYong’s body fall on him, his thin frame flush against his bare back. The slim man’s arms snaked around YoungBae’s torso, hugging him from behind and inadvertently leaving YoungBae with tingling sensations where JiYong’s finger tips happened to graze. JiYong folded his head down into the crook of YoungBae’s neck and breathed in the familiar scent that held a lighter, clean scent of the soap he had used in his shower.

YoungBae relaxed into JiYong’s hold and waited several minutes before voicing the question on his mind. “Are you okay?” He said cautiously.

JiYong just squeezed him tighter in response; he couldn’t possibly tell him what he wanted to. YoungBae opened his mouth to say something, but just closed it again as he couldn’t even think of anything to follow up that question with. He remained motionless and just let JiYong hold onto him. A light blush began to blossom on YoungBae’s cheeks as the silence and stillness persisted. This hug felt different than normal; it felt desperate, yet strangely sexy stirring up unfamiliar feelings in the virginal singer.

In the minutes of silence, JiYong was fighting his need to feel more of YoungBae and losing. JiYong broke the stillness of the moment and very slightly began nuzzling the side of YoungBae’s neck before brushing his lips softly against the warm flesh. As he felt YoungBae shiver slightly from the contact he decided to take a risk; this may be his best opportunity to get his friend to start thinking of him in a more adult way.

JiYong then licked up the side of YoungBae’s neck, nipped the skin and began kissing it making YoungBae unconsciously lean in order to expose himself more to JiYong’s attentions. Swallowing heavily, YoungBae panted out “Ji-JiYong! Wh-what are you! Why?”

JiYong didn’t answer and just wrapped his arms tighter around YoungBae to keep him from escaping, even though he knew that if YoungBae really wanted to his spindly arms –with no matter how much he had been working out lately—could not possibly restrain him. The blush on YoungBae’s face was getting deeper and deeper, so much so that JiYong noticed the tips of his ears going red and found them irresistibly adorable. He snaked his tongue around the shell of YoungBae’s ear and suckled the tip. JiYong blew gently and quietly moaned near YoungBae’s ear in a try to express physically how attractive he found him.

Seeing as YoungBae’s struggled barely at all against this assault, JiYong loosened his grip on the singer in oder to allow his hands to roam. His left hand caressed and explored the contours and planes of YoungBae’s hard-won abs and pecs; cheekily he tweaked YoungBae’s nipple causing the smaller man to give out an involuntary yelp of surprise. Contrarily, His right hand wandered lower and cupped YoungBae’s hardness from outside the towel that provided his only covering. The heat of the now throbbing erection was radiating through the damp towel and was giving JiYong plenty of encouragement. He squeezed and rubbed eliciting moans from YoungBae and the instincts kicking in that made him roll and buck his hips into JiYong’s hand.

All thoughts flew from YoungBae’s mind as he felt JiYong’s own hardness pressing into his back, grinding up against his hips. His arms didn’t know what to do, so his hands covered JiYong’s pressing them harder and harder into his flesh, relishing the feeling. JiYong undid the towel, letting it drop to the kitchen floor, and finally gripped YoungBae’s erection in his bare hand. He kissed along YoungBae’s shoulders as his hand began moving faster and their hips grinding harder and faster.

YoungBae had never felt another’s hand upon his cock before and rarely even used his own, so the sensations rocking his body were fantastic and unreal. He felt, in the pit of his stomach, as if a coal was burning and it was getting hotter and hotter. “Ji! I’m—“ He cried out but was shielded from making noise loud enough to wake the others by JiYong’s hand covering his mouth and slipping the meat of his thumb inside. JiYong’s other hand flew faster and faster causing YoungBae to reach his climax in a burst of stars behind his eyes while JiYong cupped his hand to collect the seed. JiYong bit down on YoungBae’s shoulder guiding him to do the same on the hand on his mouth.

Once his climax had subsided, YoungBae let go of JiYong’s hand and turned around. JiYong’s expression confused him, it was pleased, yet with an indescribable desperation or hope mixed in. He caught himself though and arranged it into a naughty smirk and brought the hand that was coated in YoungBae’s climax to his mouth and licked it clean, sucking each finger.

YoungBae was speechless and just stared till the world came crashing back down onto him and his face flushed again, this time in shame, embarrassment and confusion. He broke eye contact and hastily picked up his towel off the floor.

Before he could say a word though, JiYong said, “Well, I took a risk” and turned to head into his room. YoungBae just stared after him with a confused heart and a mind in turmoil.

Ja...that ends a bit sadly no? That's what makes me want to work on it more.
I hate making them sad!

Thanks for reading!
Tags: fan fiction, gdyb, procrastination
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