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24 April 2012 @ 02:22 pm

I'm only posting this article I just did for Koreaboo because I am quite proud that I translated it. There is only one or two sentances where I was like "wtf..."

Original Source: http://news.nate.com/view/20120424n07192

Retired Open World Entertainment employee “CEO Jang did …….to a trainee he saw as a daughter”

“Trainee rape wasn’t the only thing!”

Mr. A, a retired employee has disclosed that Open World Entertainment CEO Mr. Jang, who is detained under suspicion of rape, did many bizarre actions.  The shock that of the people who committed these acts together with Mr. Jang, a large majority of co-workers are included besides the two idols group members who have already been criminally charged.

In Mr. A’s testimony, these people were all shamelessly involved with the criminal actions of making female trainees their sexual playthings. He revealed the methods, involved persons and places in minute detail. He also described one by one the situations arising where male members are the subject of prostitution allegations. Not just domestic Korean fans, but he said they also rendered services to Japanese fans too, so another market is being warned. [t/n: this is the only bit I’m not too sure about. “또 남성 멤버들을 대상으로 성매매 의혹까지 일으키는 정황을 낱낱이 묘사했다. 국내 팬뿐만 아니라 일본 팬에게도 알선했다고 말해 또 다른 파장을 예고하고 있다.”]

-This rape scandal at first had only 6 victims, but now that number has increased to 11 people. Open World Entertainment’s trainees since long before have not been that many, but around what percentage of victims do you think there will be?
Almost all of the female trainees have been sacrificed. There will also be many victims out of hopeful girls who haven’t yet made a contract with the company. There are also many people who have made a contract but quit immediately after seeing the damages. It is definitely more than 11 people.

-It seems like there will also be many employees implicated.
Most of the employees didn’t know about CEO Jang’s criminal actions. The trainees don’t come to the office very often. There are lots of cases where they don’t even know of the existence of the trainees.

-How can it be that the employees don’t even know of the trainees’ existances?
CEO Jang always called the trainees personally. When there were employees, he didn’t bring them with him. As he waited until dawn, the employees all left and he would call them. The latest staying singers and managers usually leave the company is around 10-11 PM. He generally met with them disparately at dawn.

-How do you know?
I came to know after one of the trainees I know suddenly quit the company and after I found out about the circumstances, it was because she has been raped.

-What were the methods used to commit these crimes?
If the managers took all their singers home, right afterwards a call would come from CEO Jang. Out of a group he would order such and such members to be brought back to the company offices. And they would go to the basement practice room and he would order the rape of the trainee they had brought back.

-It is said that CEO Jang would watch these scenes…
The basement practice room has CCTV cameras installed and he made it so they could be viewed in the 5th floor CEO’s office. Not only that, but he made it possible to view on his smart phone as well so whenever there were auditions he made it so he could always see it.

-Even so, if it was singers and trainees from the same company then they must have known each other….
Yeah. Member 2 and Victim 1 had been quite close. So the shock would have been even greater.

-Were the offences only committed in the basement practice room?

It started with the basement practice room, since from the 1st floor to the 4th floor; they can all be viewed by CCTV. The basement which has no offices and the CEO’s office were the stages. Truthfully, the basement practice room only has one lonely sofa so it looks very poor.

-What does the CEO’s office look like?
The elevators work up until the 4th floor, but since there is work being done on the roof of the 5th floor, you have to go up by the stairs. If you come through the entrance, the hallway has red carpet. The office door is locked so as no-one can come and go. The only ones who can enter are a small number of executives and his female secretary.

-It is the so-called roof-top room, but it seems that it was CEO Jang’s private palace.
Yeah. The space outside the CEO’s office had trees planted and a garden created. If you go to the inside, a long passage starts and the very first thing you see if the CEO’s desk. And there is a secret room that has shower facilities. In front of that room, there is an iron dog cage and CEO Jang keeps his three Chihuahuas there.

-Since when did he keep pets there?
I’m not really sure, but it seems that they have the role of preventing the sounds from the inner room from being heard and to warn of intruders.

-If it was habitual, then it could have been ignored…
I didn’t know then, but it was discovered that there were many substances that appeared to be aphrodisiacs in the office. I know that he cajoled the victims by way of laced drinks and alcohol. And after doing that, the possibility that he would either threaten them with the CCTV footage or use a Debut as the bait for continuing is high.

-How did he act normally?
On the outside, CEO Jang said he viewed the trainees as if they were his daughters. Even though he would have light “skin ship” with them ( ie. pinch their cheeks, pat their heads, stroke their faces etc.), it was surprising. I never imagined that he could regularly be raping them. Out of the idol group members who are involved with CEO Jang’s offences, one is a pretty nice kid. Only that member became pitiable.

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